Process Optimization

Do you need to optimize one or more processes? We can help you, whether it’s specific help for a sub-process or the need for end-to-end perspective.

We have many years of practical experience in helping clients with process optimization, from large international corporations to small and medium-sized businesses. Our clients come from sectors including administration, production, development and pharma. See below for a few specific examples.


What is process optimization?

Process optimization involves an optimization of your company’s processes so that they deliver an output that meets or exceeds your customers’ expectations of quality, functionality and delivery, on time in an efficient and streamlined way. As an extra gain, process optimization reduces errors and waste in your processes and therefore improves your bottom line because fewer resources are required to maintain the running of your business.

All businesses should optimize or adjust their processes regularly. The need to do so may arise due to increased competition, higher customer demands, changes in existing processes, a decrease in the quality of goods or services, etc.


Process optimization with eye4improve

Your specific requirements are central to the course. Our goal is to fulfil your wishes, but also to provide you with the knowledge, ability and confidence to manage your own processes in the future.



Eye4improve has extensive experience in reconciling the aim of a specific task and addressing management teams to explain the process of an improvement initiative, and their role in it, to ensure that they are at the forefront of the effort.


The employees

The task at hand is solved with respect for, and at eye level with, your employees. It is important that employees are involved and motivated in the improvement work. After all, employees are the individuals who work in the process and therefore recognize and understand problems in depth, and the people whose job it is to keep an improved process running efficiently.


Practical approach – Treat the cause rather than the symptom

By focusing on customers, the process and the facts, we can get to the root cause of a problem and not just treat its symptoms. For example, instead of looking at what can be done if there is a fire in a production plant, we find the reason why a fire may occur, where the solution would be to implement strategies to minimize the risk of a blaze.


Process Optimization Methods – Our methods guarantee you good results

We use tools from both the Lean and Six Sigma methods for the process of optimization. In addition, we also utilize change management, project management and senior management experience to ensure that the desired results are achieved quickly, using the minimum amount of resources and highest level of efficiency.



We are here to help our customers and make a noticeable and positive difference – every time. There is broad consensus that we do.

I would highly recommend Michael for his approach in setting the right scope and quality in projects we have worked on together. Michael is able to maintain a high level of momentum in his projects due to his strength in establishing a team spirit in project teams and willingness to deliver on time.

Thanks a lot, Michael.

Gert Jensen

Project engineer LEGO R&D Processing Technology, LEGO

I had the pleasure of training and coaching Michael in his Black Belt role at Johnson Controls. Michael is a real pleasure to work with and has become a very good friend. He has developed excellent process improvement skills and experience in both manufacturing and transactional process areas. A true professional that cares about people and is passionate about process improvement.

Frank Stuward

Master Black Belt, Johnson Controls INC

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