Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course

This Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course will teach you how to solve quality challenges within your profession or department—challenges where most people will give up. You will learn to master both the “soft” and “hard” skills. You will learn to make it a good engaging process for all involved and how to ensure support for the implemented solution.

As a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt professionel you implement performance-enhancing projects at a tactical or strategic level within your own field or department.

If you need skills aimed at a strategic, cross functional level and interdisciplinary level you shoul instead attend our Black Belt course.

You will become a valuable and sought-after resource for your organization.

Your success is our success

We make an expectation reconciliation with you and your manager before you start the course. What skills are you lacking and which competencies do you want to possess after course completion and certification? At the end of each module we’ll have a talk on your progression to ensure your goals are being met.

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Effective learning of the Lean Six Sigma method

We have created a highly flexible and effective learning program for you. The course combines interactive and industry-specific e-learning, teacher-based lectures and completion of an improvement project, with coaching and support from a Lean Six Sigma expert.

E-learning, industry-specific and interactive

You are taught the theory through 82 hours of interactive e-learning at the pace and depth you need.

Nearly half the time will be spent on interactive exercises and tests.

You can choose e-learning material that is tailored to your industry: production (standard), finance, healthcare and service. This makes learning easier and more enjoyable.

After each project phase, you test your knowledge with questions that correspond to exam questions. Then you’ll know your own skill level and the scope and style of the exam questions.


Teacher-based lectures

The teacher-based lectures are held after the completion of the theory module associated with each project phase. The lectures are used to recap the theory and you can ask the teacher to elaborate on a subject, as well as asking specific questions about the theory. The teacher-based teaching is held at 3-4 weeks intervals.

Application of theory on a real-life Lean Six Sigma project with coaching support

As you progress, you apply the theory to a practical Lean Six Sigma project in your own organization. The immediate application strengthens your own learning (transfer), you gain practical experience (which is highly valued by employers) and your organization gets an important problem solved.

The project must be completed within 12 months after commencing your education. To successfully complete your project you should spend a full day’s work per week on your project. You will also need to engage coworkers so they can contribute with their knowledge to the project.

Your assigned Lean Six Sigma expert coach will ensure progress in your project. You have 1.5 hours of coaching per DMAIC phase. This valuable support will help you keep the common thread through all the DMAIC phases and ensure a significant project yield.

Overview of the course structure

Below you can see how your course is structured with: e-learning, testing, teacher-based lectures, coaching lessons for your practical improvement project with the Six Sigma DMAIC method and final examination and certification.

Description of content on the course

In the tabs below, you can read more details about the course.


In the Kick-off module you will be introduced to the course and the e-learning platform, as well as having the opportunity to meet other students and clarify issues.


Project start

In advance of this module you and your manager will have completed the form with your expectations and desired learning outcome. You will present a suitable quality problem that you will solve during the course. It is mandatory for your manager to initially participate in this module, as the support of your manager and your organization is crucial for a successful course.


Introduction to the project team

Your project team will most likely have several questions relating to the methodology and project model. You will most likely be challenged by the group members on the method along the way, because the DMAIC-project model challenges our normal approach to problem solving. It can be hard to answer the questions asked about the methodology as you are in a learning process. This is why we offer to give the project group an introduction to the methodology and why we will answer the challenging and critical questions. This allows you to focus on your learning and progression of your improvement project.


All material is in English.

The e-learning consists of multiple sessions, each with multiple lessons. The e-learning follows the logical sequence of the Six Sigma DMAIC-model. The first session presents an overview of Six Sigma. This way it will be easier for you to put the remaining sessions in the right context.

Each lesson consists of theory, simulation, toolsets and interactive practice exercises and ends with an interactive quiz to test your knowledge. All lessons and sessions must be completed.

You should expect to spend approx. 82 hours to get through the e-learning material. We highly recommend you devote dedicated time to it in your calendar and ensure you have support from your manager. The 82 hours is approx. 12 full days.


Test of theory

At the end of each project phase you will need to answer several multiple choice questions. These are questions that are equal to and in line with the exam questions. The actual exam will be held after you complete all the e-learning. The test at the end of each module will give you a good sense of the exam questions and your attainment level. If you are not satisfied with your test results, you may go back and review the corresponding lessons.


Teacher-based lectures

For each phase, there will be a capstone lecture with a teacher. The lecture will recap the theory and we can go into depth with one or more topics and will answer questions that clarify the theory.


Statistics software

The course requires the use of a statistical software. A 1-year license for EngineRoom is included in the price.

If you use, and are already licensed for, SAS JMP or MiniTab, then we recommend you using it. The e-learning program is also available with tutorials for all three statistical software packages.

Online Exam

After completing all the e-learning you will be ready for the exam. The exam is taken online and tests your theoretical understanding of the syllabus. Exam Details:

Test duration: 3 hours

Test length: 60 questions

Passing grade: 80%

The passing grade is calculated automatically as soon as the exam is completed. Subsequently you can see your results.


Retake the exam

If you do not pass the exam the first time, you will have the opportunity to re-take the exam after one-month waiting period. You need to pass the exam with a minimum score of 80% in advance of your certification.


To be certified as a Six Sigma Green Belt, you must have completed an improvement project that followed the DMAIC project method. The project outcome should show significant improvement in an important key performance matrix for the organization strategy. Read more in the pdf file Six Sigma Project Requirements.


Project duration

The project needs to be completed within 12 months of commencing your training.


Project coaching

You have a total of 7.5 hours of personal project coaching. The hours cannot be saved for later use and must be used continuously.

The coaching can be spent on anything from the application of the theory to the specific situation to challenges with project participants, etc.

We highly recommend you use the support of your coach and do so at every stage. This will ensure you make the best progress and you avoid the project running off track. The coaching makes it possible for you to make continuous adjustments during the project and reduce rework and project time. If you need extra coaching, you can purchase this.


To qualify for certification, you must have passed the exam and completed your improvement project and be able to show significant results. The certification process confirms your mastery of the Lean Six Sigma methodology and proves you can successfully apply the theory into practice and create significant results. You must be aware that there is no guarantee of passing.



The purpose of the report is to make you reflect on your own learning process and make you aware of your acquired competencies.

The report is a detailed thesis containing reflections on the process and results (e.g. what you did, why you did it and what it meant). In addition, you must document the use of the tools. See pdf for project requirements.


Presentation and celebration

You must present the project to your teacher and a censor. Your manager and project group are very welcome to participate. The certification is also a small party to recognize the project results obtained by you and your team. This is a milestone in your career!

Requirements for systems

If you choose to use MoreSteam EngineRoom (Statistical software), there are some system requirements you need to honor in order to complete e-learning. See the requirements below.

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows (7 or higher) or Apple Mac OS X
  • Microsoft Office®: English-language (U.S.) version 2007 or higher.
    • Network: Microsoft Excel must be installed locally on the computer. EngineRoom will not work properly if you are running Microsoft Excel over a network as a distributed application.
    • Versions: Only one version of Microsoft Excel must be installed. If multiple versions of Microsoft Excel are installed on a single computer, EngineRoom will not work properly.
    • Macro Security: EngineRoom contains macros; therefore, Microsoft Excel macro security must be set to medium or lower.
    • Add-ons: Microsoft Excel Analysis Toolpak and Analysis Toolpak VBA must be installed.
  • Display settings: Minimum 1024 x 768 screen resolution.
  • Sound: Optional sound in the course.
  • Browser:
    • Chrome: Version 23+
    • Edge: Version 3+
    • Firefox: Version 17+
    • Internet Explorer: Version 11+ (not tablet)
    • Safari: Version 6+

A highly effective and flexible course

With e-learning you will be in control of the teaching.

You can plan where and when you will be studying the theory. You do not need to fit in after pre-scheduled course dates.

With us you set the pace in the teaching yourself. Avoid waiting for slow fellow students or being stressed out by the faster learners.

You can break the teaching into small pieces. Take one lesson at a time and avoid “information overload”.

You can even time your teaching in relation to the progress of your DMAIC project* with e-learning—an option you do not have with traditional classroom teaching.

You save costs and hassle in regard to transportation, accommodation and absence from work.

See more benefits here >>

Start your Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training here

You can start an individual course at any time. Below you can see the start-up dates for the Kick-off module:

Green Belt

Classroom / Online Group

40.100,- DKKR excl. VAT

Green Belt


42.400,- DKKR excl. VAT

All kick-off sessions are held from kl. 8 – 9 on your device (PC, Tablet, Mobile) and you need an internet connection.

Included in the price

✅ 82 hrs of e-learning

✅ 8 hrs teacher-based lectures

✅ 6,5 hrs individual project coaching

✅ Templates and data files

✅ 3 hour online exam

✅ 1 hour Certification

✅ 1 year license for EngineRoom, statistical software

✅ Online Sigma Pedia

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Undoubtedly, it is thanks to Michael that I completed my Lean Six Sigma project and subsequently was certified Black Belt.

Michael was a good listener who persistently challenged me, both professionally and personally. I would therefore have no reservations in recommending Michael’s expertise in both LEAN Six Sigma and project management.

Michael Alsing Jensen

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”Cooperating with Michael has been a great success. Michael has been a committed, knowledgeable business partner and subject matter expert, who has added to teaching in process optimization and project management with an indispensable practice-oriented approach. The students have enjoyed a unique learning opportunity with Michael positioned in the role of an inspirational guest teacher; one who shows great passion for teaching within his profession as Operational Excellent Consultant.”
Anne Sejer Hansen

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