Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Course

This Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course will teach you how to solve critical and complicated quality challenges—challenges where most people will give up. You will learn how to master both the “soft” and “hard” skills needed for process improvements. With your new skills you can lead critical improvement projects to successful completion. You can facilitate a good, engaging process for both management and employees, ensuring support for the implemented solution.

As a Lean Six Sigma Professionel you implement performance-enhancing improvement projects at strategic level and regional (or higher), often interdisciplinary, level. If need skills at tactical or less strategic level within your own field or department have a look at the Green Belt course.

As a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, you become a valuable and sought resource for your organization

We ensure your success

Before you start, we make an expectation reconciliation with you and your leader. What skills are you / I lacking, and what skills do you want to possess after graduation and certification? After each module we make a status report on your progression to ensure that your goals are met.

Lean Six Sigma Courses

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The best way to learn Lean Six Sigma

The learning process is put together to ensure you experience the greatest competence development (nck.au.dk). At the same time, the teaching is so flexible that you can plan for yourself which days and times you are taught.

The course combines:

  • State-of-the-art e-learning with close connections to your practice
  • Teacher-based teaching
  • Practical “hands on” Lean Six Sigma projects, where you solve quality issues in your organization
  • Individual project coaching

E-learning, industry-specific and interactive

You are taught the theory through 140 hours (about 20 days) of interactive e-learning at the pace and depth you need.

Nearly half the time will be spent on interactive exercises and tests.

You can choose e-learning material that is tailored to your industry: production (standard), finance, healthcare and service. This increases your learning outcomes and makes learning easier and more fun.

After each project phase, you test your knowledge with multiple choice questions that are similar the questions you will be tested on in the written exam. Then you will know your own skill level and the difficulty and style of the exam questions. If you are not satisfied with your level, you can go back and re-study on the skills you want to improve.


Teacher-based lectures

You have a total of 9 hours of teacher-based lectures. You can see how they are distributed in the figure below. For each project phase, the teacher will recap on the theory. You can request to have a topic explained in more detail and ask clarifying questions. The teacher-based lectures are held at 3-4 weeks intervals.

Lean Six Sigma project with coaching

The greatest competency development occurs when the theory is applied in practice and in the immediate extension of the teaching (transfer). Simultaneously with the teaching, you will apply the theory to a practical Lean Six Sigma project in your own organization. It is crucial that the project solves a critical issue for your organization and that you have the support of both your leader and the management group for the project.


One-to-one project coaching

In order to ensure progress and the quality level in your project you will get individual project coaching. You have 10 hours of very valuable help that ensures both the red thread through the DMAIC phases and significant project yield. Your project coach will also help you cope with change management issues that may arise. You can see how the project coaching is distributed in the course in the figure below.

To be certified Black Belt at eye4improve you must complete 2 projects. The projects must be completed no later than 18 months after your education commences. You should expect to spend a full day of work per week on your projects.

Overview of the course

Here you can see how your course is structured with: e-learning, testing, teacher-based lectures, the coaching lessons for your Lean Six Sigma project with the DMAIC method and final examination and certification.

Outline of the course

On the tabs below, you can read more details about the content of the course.


In the Kick-off module, we review the course and the e-learning platform together, and you will be able ask clarifying questions. You will also meet fellow students and will have access to a closed group forum.


Project start

Your leader must initially attend this meeting, as the support of your manager and your organization is crucial for a successful course and project outcome.

Before the meeting you will have filled in a form with both your and your manager’s expectations and wishes for the course, and what agreements you have made regarding the work frames for your projects.


Introduction to the project team

There will often be a need for your project group to get acquainted with the Lean Six Sigma method and DMAIC project model because the highly effective DMAIC project model challenges our normal approach to problem solving.


In order to ensure everyone has a good course, we will present an introduction to the Lean Six Sigma method and the course of the project participants. We answer all the challenging and critical questions to the method and project process that the participants may have. This way you can concentrate on your learning and the implementation of your course project.


All material is in English.

Each project phase consists of several sessions with multiple lessons. The e-learning follows the logical sequence of the Six Sigma DMAIC-model. The first session presents an overview of Six Sigma. This makes it easier for you to put the remaining sessions into proper context.

Each lesson consists of theory, simulation, toolsets and interactive practice exercises and ends with an interactive quiz to test your knowledge. All lessons and sessions must be completed.


You should expect to spend approx. 140 hours to get through the e-learning material. Remember to devote dedicated time to it in your calendar and get agreement from your manager. The 140 hours is approx. 20 full working days.


Testing your understanding of the theory

Finally, in each project phase, you will be presented with several multiple choice questions. These questions correspond to and are in line with the exam questions. The questions will give you a good sense of your acquired skills. The actual exam is at the very end of the course.


Recap on theory

At the end of each project phase there is a lecture-based recap on the theory with a teacher. Here, we can go in depth into one or more topics that have been a challenge to understand.


Statistics software

The course requires the use of a statistical software. A 1-year license for EngineRoom is included in the price.

If you use and already have a license for SAS JMP or MiniTab, we recommend you use them. The e-learning course is also available with tutorials for all three statistical software packages.

Online Exam

The examination is taken online and tests your theoretical understanding of the curriculum. Exam Details:

Test duration: 5 hours

Test length: 120 questions

Passing grade: 80 %

The passing grade is calculated automatically as soon as it is completed. You have the opportunity to review your results.


Retake the exam

If you do not pass the exam on the first attempt, you will have the opportunity to re-take the exam after one-month waiting period.


You must pass the exam before you can take the certification.


To become Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certified, you must complete 2 improvement projects; the projects must follow the DMAIC project method. The project results should show significant improvement of a critical performance measurement for your organization’s strategy. Read more in the pdf file Lean Six Sigma Project Requirements.



The projects must be completed within 18 months of you commencing your education.


Project Coaching

You have a total of 10 hours of personal project coaching. The hours must be used continuously; they cannot be saved for later use.

You can use the project coaching to help you apply the theory to the specific situation in your project, to deal with project participants and management, etc.

Remember to use the support of your coach and do so at every stage. This will enhance your progression and help you avoid your project running off the track. The coaching is linked to each phase of the project. Unused coaching cannot be saved for later use because it is important that you adjust continuously during the journey. If you need extra coaching, you are welcome to purchase this.


In advance of the certification you need to pass the exam with a passing grade of 80% and to successfully complete your improvement project with a significant outcome. The certification is a recognition that proves your mastery of the Lean Six Sigma Methodology and that you can apply the theory in real-life settings and create significant results. You must be aware that there is no certification guarantee.



The report has the purpose of getting you to reflect on your own learning process and to raise awareness of your new skills.

The report is a detailed thesis containing reflections on the process and results (e.g. what you did, why you did it and what it meant). In addition, you must document the use of the tools. See pdf for the project requirements.


Presentation and celebration

You must submit the project to your instructor and a censor. Your leader and project group may participate in the certification ceremony as the certification can be seen as a small party where both you and the project results are celebrated and recognized. This is a milestone in your career!

Requirements for systems

If you choose to use the MoreSteam EngineRoom, there are some system requirements that you must meet in order to complete the e-learning. See the following requirements:

  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows (7 or higher) or Apple Mac OS X
  • Microsoft Office®: English-English version (US) version 2007 or higher.
    • Network: Microsoft Excel must be installed locally on the computer. EngineRoom will not work properly if you are running Microsoft Excel over a network as a distributed application.
    • Versions: Only one version of Microsoft Excel must be installed. If multiple versions of Microsoft Excel are installed on a single computer, EngineRoom does not work properly.
    • Macro Security: EngineRoom contains macros. Therefore, Microsoft Excel macro security must be set to medium or lower.
    • Add-ons: Microsoft Excel Analysis Toolpak and Analysis Toolpak VBA must be installed.
  • Display settings: Minimum 1024 x 768 screen resolution.
  • Sound: Optional sound in the course.
  • Browser:
    • Chrome: Version 23+
    • Edge: Version 3+
    • Firefox: Version 17+
    • Internet Explorer: Version 11+ (non-tablet)
    • Safari: Version 6+

A flexible course

E-learning makes the course very flexible.

You plan where and when you will be studying. You do not need to fit in with after pre-scheduled course dates.

With us you can set the pace of the teaching yourself. Avoid waiting for slow fellow students or being stressed out by the faster learners.

You can divide the teaching into small pieces. You can take one topic at a time and avoid “information overload”.

You can even time your teaching in relation to the progress of your DMAIC project* with e-learning—an option you do not have with traditional classroom teaching.

You save costs and hassle in regard to transportation, accommodation and absence from your family.

See more benefits here >>

Start your Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course here

You can start an individual course at any time.

Below you can see the start-up dates for the Kick-off module. All days are from 10 – 11 on your device (PC, tablet, mobile) and you need an internet connection.

Black Belt

Classroom / Online Group

51.600,- DKKR excl. VAT

Black Belt


53.900,- DKKR excl. VAT

All Classes take place from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. via PC / Tablet / Mobile with an internet connection.

Included in the price

✅ 140 hrs of e-learning

✅ 9 hrs of teacher-based lectures

✅ 10 hrs individual project coaching

✅ Templates and data files

✅ 5 hours online exam

✅ 1 hour Certification

✅ 1-year license for EngineRoom, statistics software

✅ Online Sigma Pedia

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Why eye4improve?

Michael’s infectious energy, commitment, practical experience and all-round ability make him the obvious choice for your organization.

Undoubtedly, it is thanks to Michael that I completed my Lean Six Sigma project and subsequently was certified Black Belt.

Michael was a good listener who persistently challenged me, both professionally and personally. I would therefore have no reservations in recommending Michael’s expertise in both LEAN Six Sigma and project management.

Michael Alsing Jensen

Project Manager, VELUX

”Cooperating with Michael has been a great success. Michael has been a committed, knowledgeable business partner and subject matter expert, who has added to teaching in process optimization and project management with an indispensable practice-oriented approach. The students have enjoyed a unique learning opportunity with Michael positioned in the role of an inspirational guest teacher; one who shows great passion for teaching within his profession as Operational Excellent Consultant.”
Anne Sejer Hansen

Associate Professor, Erhvervsakademi Aarhus

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