Lean Six Sigma training via blended learning gives you a number of benefits

By taking your Lean Six Sigma training via blended learning you gain great flexibility and training at an affordable cost. Blended learning consists of both online / e-learning and one-to-one teaching with an experienced Lean Six Sigma expert. E-learning gives you the flexibility to set the pace and timing yourself. A flexibility that can increase your learning outcome and your company yield. Go to our courses in Lean Six Sigma

As a Lean Six Sigma resource, you become a valuable and sought after resource for your organization.

Lean Six Sigma training with full flexibility

The flexibility and control of your Lean Six Sigma training is achieved through e-learning. You decide where your teaching will take place. You decide when the teaching will take place, 24/7, 365 days a year, before / after work, during a lunch break, on the weekend or on holiday. As long as you have an internet connection and a PC, you are free to decide for yourself.


You set the pace in the teaching yourself

With us you set the pace in the teaching yourself. You don’t have to wait for slow fellow students and you avoid being stressed out by the faster learners. With the additional extra material, you have the opportunity to take the time to immerse yourself in a topic that you find extra interesting.

You also have the opportunity to divide the teaching into small pieces. You can therefore take one defined topic at a time and avoid “information overload”.


Increased learning outcomes with on-demand teaching / Pull teaching

The closer the teaching is to the time of applying the theory, the greater your learning outcome will be. If too much time passes, much of the theory will be forgotten. With e-learning you can time your teaching in relation to the progress of your DMAIC project*—an option you do not have with traditional classroom teaching. You can also to jump to the lesson ahead or jump back and repeat just the knowledge you need to use in your Lean Six Sigma project.

* DMAIC is an acronym for the 5 phases of a traditional Lean Six Sigma project. The phases are Define, Measure, Analysis, Improve and Control.


A better investment

With e-learning, you avoid several costs associated with traditional classroom teaching. You completely or partially avoid expenses related to travel activities, accommodation and absence from the workplace. Your employer can avoid productivity loss because you can follow the course in your spare time.


Experienced Lean Six Sigma expert help at your fingertips

Unlike traditional e-learning where you are completely left on your own, you always have an experienced Lean Six Sigma expert at your fingertips with blended learning. An expert who can help you understand the theory and be your personal mentor and coach in your practical DMAIC project.

The Lean Six Sigma expert is an invaluable source that you will greatly appreciate in terms of ensuring progression, consistency and the red thread of your DMAIC project.


Lean Six Sigma e-learning approved by the American Society for Quality (ASQ)

MoreSteam is the only Lean Six Sigma e-learning provider approved by the American Society for Quality Society (ASQ). You can be sure that both the content and the teaching form of e-learning (set-up) meet high quality standards, even in Lean Six Sigma’s home country.

With e-learning from MoreSteam you get genuine interactive e-learning. There are no converted PowerPoints or replays of webcasts. Around half the time will be spent on interactive exercises and quizzes and you’ll get instant feedback on your knowledge.


Flexible e-learning platform

With e-learning from MoreSteams you get great flexibility.

  • Industry-specific material: production, service, pharma, finance.
  • You can select to read the text yourself or get it read while you take notes
  • You can immerse yourself in the extra material that is linked to in the individual topics
  • You can jump back and forth in the material and repeat as needed
  • You can print the text


Your flexible supplier of Lean Six Sigma training

Eye4improve gives you flexible Lean Six Sigma training that meets the industry’s expectations and is approved by the American Society for Quality, ASQ.

With eye4improve as your supplier of Lean Six Sigma training, you get flexibility and control over your Lean Six Sigma training. This training ensures you get a high learning outcome and, at the same time, ensures your ambitions and dreams are met.

We use blended learning on our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt programs.

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