Lean Six Sigma course

A Lean Six Sigma course teaches you to find and eliminate root causes of quality challenges. You will be able to create a clear methodological red line in your quality and project management, which creates effective and significant quality improvements and results on the bottom line.


The key to effective quality improvements

We reap great praise and recognition from our customers for our ability to solve complicated quality challenges. We have solved strategic and crucial quality challenges for some of Denmark’s leading companies. We can teach you that ability. The key is mastering the Lean Six Sigma method and it starts with a course with us.


A highly effecient and flecible Lean Six Sigma training program.

You plan where and when you will be studying. You do not need to fit in with after pre-scheduled course dates.

With us you can set the pace of the teaching yourself. Avoid waiting for slow fellow students or being stressed out by the faster learners.

You can divide the teaching into small pieces. You can take one topic at a time and avoid “information overload”.

You can even time your teaching in relation to the progress of your DMAIC project* with e-learning—an option you do not have with traditional classroom teaching.

You save costs and hassle in regard to transportation, accommodation and absence from your family.

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Lean Six Sigma courses

With us you can take the following courses in Six Sigma. You can start at any course level you please.

Lean  Six Sigma Green Belt

Green Belt

You implement performance-enhancing projects at tactical or less strategic level within your own field or department.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Black Belt

You implement performance-enhancing improvement projects at strategic level and regional (or higher), often interdisciplinary, level.

Six Sigma course with practice application

Throughout the program there is a focus on practice where you apply the theory to a specific improvement project in your own organization. This ensures the greatest learning benefit for you, while solving a quality challenge for your business. Our experience is that the project results often exceed the cost of the course. After graduation you are a Lean Six Sigma practitioner and you have understood the red thread in DMAIC and created the first valuable improvements for your company.

World class teaching materials

We use the teaching platform from MoreSteam. MoreSteam has unquestionably the most recognized e-learning material within Lean Six Sigma. MoreSteam is selected by more than 2,000 companies, more than 50% of Fortune 500, leading US universities and the American Society for Quality, ASQ.

Lean Six Sigma Certification

An eye4improve certification confirms your mastery of the Lean Six Sigma methodology and proves you can successfully apply the theory in a live context and create significant results. Companies demand practitioners who can show results. You get that with a certification from us.

Please note that there is no official Lean Six Sigma standard. There are several, e.g. ASQ, ISO, IASSC. When choosing a provider, you need to consider whether the provider can teach you how to implement quality improvements in practice.

We are practitioners and we attach great importance to educating practitioners who can get things solved and done.

We keep up to date with the contents of various Six Sigma standards (ASQ, IASSC, ISO 13053-1 and 13053-2, ISO 18404 etc.) so that your teaching and certification are up-to-date at all times and honor best practice across standards.



Why eye4improve?

Michael’s infectious energy, commitment, practical experience and all-round ability make him the obvious choice for your organization.

Undoubtedly, it is thanks to Michael that I completed my Lean Six Sigma project and subsequently was certified Black Belt.

Michael was a good listener who persistently challenged me, both professionally and personally. I would therefore have no reservations in recommending Michael’s expertise in both LEAN Six Sigma and project management.

Mikael Alsing Jensen

Project Manager, VELUX

”Cooperating with Michael has been a great success. Michael has been a committed, knowledgeable business partner and subject matter expert, who has added to teaching in process optimization and project management with an indispensable practice-oriented approach. The students have enjoyed a unique learning opportunity with Michael positioned in the role of an inspirational guest teacher; one who shows great passion for teaching within his profession as Operational Excellent Consultant.”
Anne Sejer Hansen

Associate Professor, Erhvervsakademi Aarhus

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