Michael Paulsen is an expert in Lean, Six Sigma and process optimization

I have more than 15 years of successful experience in using Lean, Six Sigma and project excellence for process optimization and quality management. If you book me for a lecture or workshop I’ll happily share my valuable knowledge with you.


Book an exciting lecture or workshop on quality

When talking about the topic of quality and process optimization, my passion shines through. On top of an entertaining lecture, your audience will be enriched with renewed insight, knowledge and the motivation to apply what they have learned in their own work.

I conduct lectures and workshops for companies, schools, associations, networks and conferences.


Great knowledge that enriches your audience

I have many years of practical experience and insight into quality processes within organizations. I have helped improve processes in both administration and production, making personal connections with a range of individuals, from the operational level of machine worker to senior management and top executives in international groups.


Get a tailor-made lecture

I am able to adapt my lectures to fit a variety of topics and perspectives, so you receive a tailor-made lecture that perfectly matches your needs—a lecture that gives you a fresh view on working with quality improvement and quality issues.


Potential topics

  • What happens when decisions are taken based on facts and not simply on gut feeling
  • How to achieve real customer focus through process and data understanding
  • Lean Six Sigma: the way we improve and optimize
  • Six Sigma: the benefits for your business and customers
  • Six Sigma method: projects and bottom line


Lectures are tailored to your audience’s needs. Contact me now so that we can create the perfect experience together—a collaboration led by you.


Book me as a guest teacher and get practice in teaching

Energize your education with exciting stories from the business world. A guest lecture can be a source of variation, inspiration and learning. Student engagement levels are high and participants recognize such events as a highlight of their teaching. I would be happy to join you as a guest lecturer for a single lesson or multiple sessions over the duration of a course. I also offer the opportunity to arrange business visits.

My teachings incorporate many examples of positive and exciting cases to show how quality methods and tools can be utilized. My lessons can also include implementation of project excellence, continuous improvement programs and change management.



Why eye4improve?

Michael’s infectious energy, commitment, practical experience and all-round ability make him the obvious choice for your organization.

”Cooperating with Michael has been a great success. Michael has been a committed, knowledgeable business partner and subject matter expert, who has added to teaching in process optimization and project management with an indispensable practice-oriented approach. The students have enjoyed a unique learning opportunity with Michael positioned in the role of an inspirational guest teacher; one who shows great passion for teaching within his profession as Operational Excellent Consultant.”

Anne Sejer Hansen

Lektor , Erhvervsakademi Aarhus

Expert i Lean Six Sigma Michael Paulsen Foredrag for Erhvervsakademi Århus


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.2 Stars of 5 possible

Quotes from participants:

”Michael is very good at visualizing information in the form of imagery, so understanding is clear.”

”Exciting lectures with hands-on, practical, and easy-to-follow examples, which can be adapted to suit any industry.”

”Michael is extremely adept at communicating his experiences and connecting them to academic theory. Good guy with great enthusiasm for his subject.”

”Michael gets 5 stars; he was adept at putting professional knowledge into practice. He had an open approach to his presentation and welcomed questions from the students.”

”It’s nice to learn through imagery, identify leaks in the water pipes and fix them. It makes the information stick and you remember it better.”

 Foredrag om Procesoptimering, Lean & Six Sigma for Erhverv Skanderborg

Erhverv Skanderborg

81% said that Michael delivered above expectation!

Århus Maskinmesterskole


Foredrag for Århus Maskinmesterskole

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