About eye4improve

Process-oriented problem solver

Michael Paulsen is the founder of eye4improve. Michael’s decision to become self-employed was not a difficult one to make. After more than 15 years of working with the reconciliation and optimization concepts of Lean and Six Sigma, as well as project management in practice, the time had come to use the knowledge and skills he had acquired to create value for others.


Senior Six Sigma Black Belt Consultant

Michael’s knowledge is, among other things, built from roles as project, program and organizational manager of international companies such as Johnson Controls and West Pharmaceuticals. In addition, Michael has been Senior Consultant at the Storm House of Six Sigma for the last few years, where his primary focus has been to help national companies. This, combined with the title of Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, is Michael’s core competency in helping companies to create an overview of their processes, highlight the root causes of problems and implement the right solutions.

“My experience shows that companies often take a symptomatic view to problems, rather than delving deeper and trying to identify the root causes,” says Michael Paulsen.

The foundation of the service that eye4improve provides is built on three core principles. These principles are customer-focused, process-oriented and fact-based and express a thinking and method in all the work that eye4improve undertakes.

Identify the causes of the problems

“I usually explain my method of problem-solving through the example of a leaking pipe. Imagine a water pipe that has a few small holes, causing drops to leak onto the floor. What do you do? Most would deal with the problem by drying the floor on a daily basis, whereas I envisage the pipe as a whole to identify what is causing it to leak in the first place. I know that the problem is solved completely when the leaking has stopped, and the flow of water is back to normal.”


Data-driven decisions

In order to achieve a goal, an important value is to make all decisions based on facts rather than one’s gut feeling. The fact-based approach creates results and, as such, Michael strives to pass this value on in all his relationships, both professionally and privately.

“I know from experience that the process, customer and fact-oriented approach helps to make it both fun and motivating for employees to be part of a project. This is because it becomes clear to everyone what the purpose of the project is, and how each individual contributes towards its goal.”