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Lean Six Sigma

We can help you with everything from gaining control of one of the many quality tools in the Lean Six Sigma toolbox to major improvement projects and program deployments.

Project Governance

At eye4improve we have many years of experience and a profound knowledge of creating and managing successful quality, improvement and implementation projects.

Consultant & Consultancy

Competent assistance, sparring and counseling when you need to solve quality challenges, improvements and implementation projects.

My senior project manager experience – your success


As a project manager and project governance leader, I have managed to ensure progress within large complex projects and helped them to achieve their goals, and have also done so in projects where others have failed before me. In all projects, I have secured an effective project structure, and a solid commitment from both employees and management, by creating a belief and enthusiasm for the project throughout the project’s duration.

I come with 3 unique project management skills that will ensure your success


Great authenticity and honesty, with high levels of competence and contagious involvement

I have a large and infectious inner drive, and a high level of competence with an authenticity and honesty that delivers confidence. I know what it takes to fix a problem, set a direction, and dare to take the lead. A project is in safe hands with me and my clients trust to follow.


Data and analyzes are presented so that you can easily draw conclusions and make management decisions.

You will find that facts and data are presented in an easily understandable and action-oriented manner. You can draw conclusions from the analyzes so that management can take the decisions necessary as a result. It provides peace of mind within the project and helps to ensure efficient progress.


The key to success is that I first find the causes and then the solution

As a Six Sigma Black Belt project manager, I can find the cause(s) of a problem and understand them so well that the problem can be turned on/off. It is often a challenging step, even innovative, for many organizations to choose to focus on the cause of an issue, and spend extra time on resolving it, as many organizations are action- and solution-focused. But that is the key to my successes. When we can switch the problem on or off, we are ready to move onto a solution. In the words of Albert Einstein, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.


Bonus: I gain your respect and can challenge the organization

In addition, I have the ability to meet employees and leaders at eye level, enter their world and their language. I can convincingly call “a spade a spade” and put my foot down when there is a need to do so, in an honest, caring, and respectful way – with a reasoning based on data and facts. I can do this because I am a graduate operator (later engineer) with experience in production at an operational level. At the same time, I also have senior managerial experience gained at KPI-driven American companies. This makes it possible for me to gain the respect of most people, allowing me to begin to challenge their thinking and limitations.


We work under strict confidentiality (NDA) because we help customers with quality challenges they may not want to appear in the public domain.

Below you will find some of the feedback we have received from previous customers.

I had the pleasure of training and coaching Michael in his Black Belt role at Johnson Controls. Michael is a real pleasure to work with and has become a very good friend. He has developed excellent process improvement skills and experience in both manufacturing and transactional process areas. A true professional that cares about people and is passionate about process improvement.

Frank Stewart

Master Black Belt , Johnson Controls INC

Undoubtedly, it is thanks to Michael that I completed my Lean Six Sigma project and subsequently was certified Black Belt.

Michael was a good listener who persistently challenged me, both professionally and personally. I would therefore have no reservations in recommending Michael’s expertise in both LEAN Six Sigma and project management.

Mikael Alsing Jensen

Project Manager, VELUX

I would highly recommend Michael for his approach in setting the right scope and quality in projects we have worked on together. Michael is able to maintain a high level of momentum in his projects due to his strength in establishing a team spirit in project teams and willingness to deliver on time.

Thanks a lot, Michael.

Gert Jensen

Project engineer LEGO R&D Processing Technology, LEGO

I worked closely together with Michael over a period of two years, first in a large scale “firefighting” project (fear of losing sales of 3-digit millions) and afterwards in finding the right solution to the problem, implementing the Six Sigma approach.

I would highly recommend Michael as a trustworthy, reliable person, and I guarantee you will enjoy working with him.

Morten Lindegaard Skov

Six Sigma Project Manager, LEGO Group

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